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Here at the Cottage Eatery we strive to provide you with as much locally grown food products as possible.  We provide a full three course meal two times daily.  We are open for lunch and dinner for a total of four hours a day.  Please visit our contact page or special events page if you need to schedule a dinner party of more than 8 people. 

Don't stop at eating here we also have expanded our operation to include coffe and a small breakfast menu.  So check out our Sample Menu today and stop by and check us out.

Need a Guide for Colorado Hunting Trips?

I shot a big horn sheep in Colorado with the help of some colorado hunting guides.  We decided to cook the sheep and make a stew as a full dinner course.  The meal turned out perfectly and with the help of our guide everything on the hunt went smooth as well.  Our eatery was glad that we contacted a guide instead of trying to plan the hunting trip ourselves.  We found our guide through a company that was advertising for hunting guides and hunting cooking.  Please visit our reference on deer hunting for more information.

On the trip to Colorado, we decided to enlisted the help of a Colorado Outfitter.  He was very knowledgable and helped us with equiping ourselves for the hunting expedition.  On the expedition while deer hunting in Colorado we came across several big horn sheep.  We also thought while in Colorado elk hunting that we could take in some scenery.  WOW we're we glad we did that, the mountains where absolutely beautiful.  All in all we had a great time in Colorado and we expect to go back soon.

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Our next expedition is going to be a hunting trips to Alaska.  We are unsure what to hunt for though.  Our friends said Dall sheep hunting is very exciting and we have thought about that.  Alaska bear hunting is the ultimate hunting trip, and I think my husband would find that to be some what of a challenge.  Bear hunting can also be dangerous, so we may re-think that as an option for our Alaskan hunt.  Also bear meat can be a bit gamey and not fit into our cuisine.  So the next two big game animals are Alaska caribou hunting and Alaskan moose.  The moose is a really big and territorial animal so hunting can be dangerous as well, so moose hunting in Alaska is probably out of the picture.  We will probably to to caribou hunting, that way we both can enjoy the hunt.  Until next time....happy hunting.

Why Choose Carpet over Hardwood Flooring?

Carpet has been the most sought after flooring for the last decades because it has proven to have high quality, feels soft, and help insulate rooms to keep the noise to a minimum. There are many reasons to choose carpet. In a market that is rapidly moving into hardwood there is still a huge advantage to purchasing carpet. Besides being a softer material, a new study shows carpet may actually help people suffering from allergies. Carpet can also be used to accent any area with new designs and colors. New practices in recycling also make carpet more eco-friendly.

·         Bruce Hardwoods

·         Johnson Hardwood Flooring

·         IVC Moduleo

                The number one misconception about carpet is that is damaging to allergy and asthma suffers. In reality new studies show that carpet could be safer for these sufferers. Because carpet traps these allergens in the air it keeps them from circulating in the vicinity and away from these sufferers. So, if you’ve always enjoyed the feel of carpet, but felt it would aid in damaging your allergies, you can now rest easily and purchase your new carpet.

·         Mohawk Carpet Tiles

·         Shaw Carpet Tiles

                Another reason to choose carpet is the wide variety of colors and designs carpet now offers. If you’ve ever had the feeling that carpet is boring and out of style, you should try again. New carpets designs comes in array of colors from zebra, chocolate, shaggy, hot pink, and various other colors. There is always many different designs from cut pile (plush), loop cut, and many different kinds of patterns. Some consumers put carpet in just one room to tie all the colors together in a certain area. As well as using carpet for decorative reasons it is also very gentle on children wanting to play on their hands and knees.

·         Armstrong Laminate Flooring

·         Mannington Laminate Flooring

                Finally, new advances in carpet have made it possible to keep carpet out of landfills and in living rooms. Nylon carpet can now be recycled and made into a new innovative carpet. If you are interested in becoming eco-friendly or just want to make a small impact on the environment check out the new recycled carpet.

                Although hardwood has become the new favorite floor covering in recent years, carpet definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. Carpet is softer, and can brighten up any room with its many unique designs and colors. New advances have kept carpet at the top of eco-conscious consumers list. So, if you are in the market for new floor covering you should give carpet a chance and feel the difference.

Beyond Basic, Beyond Beautiful, Cork Floors  


Cork has been in use for thousands of years.  The Romans used cork in their roofs, in ship building, and as shoe soles.   Meanwhile, in ancient Greece, cork trees were thought to be symbols of honor, and only the priests were allowed to cut them down. 

Today, cork is harvested throughout the Mediterranean.  Cork is harvested in a very eco-friendly manner.  The bark of the Cork Oak tree is harvested by hand, leaving the tree unharmed.  After some time, the tree re-grows its bark, being harvested again and again.  These amazing trees have a life span of about 200 years.


Cork flooring is made by grinding the harvested, cleaned, and boiled cork, and mixing it with resin.  It is then put on sheets and baked in a kiln.  The heat from the kiln, combined with the natural sugars in the cork, give the flooring its soothing, natural caramel and honey tones.  Bolder colors can also be created by adding dyes to the cork mixture, or adjusting heat times in the baking process.  Not only does cork come in a variety of colors, you can get it in a variety of patterns or designs also.  Cork flooring usually comes in rolls, tiles, or planks.


Due to its cellular makeup, cork floors are energy efficient.  They offer great insulation in cold and warm weather climates.  Cork is also a great acoustic insulator, providing quiet throughout your home or office.  Many schools, hospitals, libraries, and other public places enjoy the benefits of a cork floor.  In fact, cork floors were installed in public places throughout the U.S. during the early 1900’s.  Many of these floors are still in use today, proving the durability and resilience of a cork floor.


Wicanders Cork Flooring

Wicanders Cork Series 100

Wicanders Cork Series 1000
Teragren Bamboo
Armstrong Century Plank
Columbia Hardwood Flooring
Mannington Hardwood Flooring


Cork flooring provides cushion, comfort, and quiet, all in one easy to maintain product.  A cork floor is virtually maintenance free.  To care for a cork floor, vacuum or sweep it once a week.  When a little extra care is needed, just damp mop it occasionally.  About once a month should do.  Cork floors are also easy to install.  Generally a floating floor, it can be laid over an already existing floor.  It can be installed in virtually any room in the house, including the bathroom.  Cork floors can also be refinished, adding years to its life.   These unique floors are resistant to abrasion water and mildew; qualities that are hard to find in modern flooring.  These versatile floors can withstand great wear and tear, yet provide beauty and comfort to any space.

For more information on naturally sustainable we cork please visit the website referenced in this article.